About Us

Globalization, glocalization, hyper-competition, uncertainty, continuous technological change and innovations have created many complexities and correspondingly complex organizations, may it be industry or may it be academic institutions.

The problem: Industry needs people who can manage complex organizations and academia needs to develop relevant curricula to keep pace with the complexities!

This is where IMRTC comes in, our mission is to bridge the gap between industry and academia through research and development in the fields of management and technology and facilitate training and professional development activities both in private and public sector.

The Organization established for aforementioned purpose and make consortium of professionals. Earlier operations were started from New Jersey, registered in New Hampshire State as principal Office in Houston and Liaison Office in New York. Therefore, two major areas which is pertaining to Technology Management and Administrative Management are being chosen and establishing the best framework and standards

We want to bring the manager and the academician on one platform so that they can coordinate different disciplines and bring different components together to help the organizations run smoothly in an optimized profitable manner.

Innovation management and technology management go hand in hand; the research and development functions is increasingly playing an important role to accelerate the pace of innovation in response to global competitive pressures, on the other hand organizations are also trying to maintain tight cost controls.

Let us come together and work as a team to harmonize systems and processes, support new markets, leverage decentralize capabilities, manage knowledge and avoid redundancies and inefficiencies for the economic well-being of our nations, our business enterprises, our academic institutions and even our Governments by leveraging the technology.