Curriculum Endorsements & Certifications

Apart from IMRTC USA certification curricula if any educational and professional training institute is interested in getting an international recognition for their own curricula and certifications, they can submit their program design to IMRTC Curricula Committee for approval. This must include title page that identifies the institution, name of program and certification level, date submitted, and catalog URL if available. If this program is governed by a particular regulation, the regulation number should be included on the title page.

Executive Summary

This summary must be limited to one page, It should include: theme of the program, brief description of admission and exit requirements, unique features of the program including mode(s) of delivery, and rationale for the implementation of the program.

Conceptual Framework

This portion of the document should demonstrate the relationship between the proposed endorsement program and the market needs. It must be limited to one or two paragraphs in length.

Continuous Assessment Plan

Required Program Experiences Components

  • The Application must describe the courses and experiences that clearly indicate subject and pedagogical knowledge of the curriculum
  • Describe/Demonstrate standards to be followed
  • Describe how the Standards are integrated and assessed throughout the program.
  • Describe how trainers and teachers are prepared to integrate and assess the Standards in their teaching.
  • Program Faculty: List Qualifications:; highest degree, field of study and degree-granting institution; teaching assignments, teaching experience and certification(s) held; and relationship (full-time, part-time, etc.) to the institution, unit, and program. Submit a faculty matrix online (this needs to be developed)


  • Name of the institute/organization, name of program, resulting certification
  • Admission criteria
  • Required coursework and experiences
  • Program exit requirements


Complete syllabi for all courses in the endorsement program must be included.

Complete syllabi for all courses in the endorsement program must be included.

The program document must identify the mode of delivery and any off-campus sites that will be used for any/all of this program.

If you think that you are eligile to meet the above requirement then you can email us [email protected] or subscribe as a partner through your local Chapter.

Endorsed courses from IMRTC USA with Co-branded Certifications