The International Management Research and Technology Consortium (IMRTC), USA

has been established to bring the academicians, scholars, professionals, businesses, corporations and institutions on a platform through various activities such as publications, seminars, workshops, conferences, training, consultancy and allied services in the areas of management and technological research at global level.

The aim of IMRTC is to bridge the gap between academia and industry and provide a forum where members can interact, network and learn from one another.

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core services

Worldwide Research Activities

The globalization of markets, the regionalization of technical and scientific...

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Management & Technology Training & Certifications

IMRTC believes that human resource training and development is a continuous...

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Research Paper Review, Evaluation & Appraisals

Researchers, students and professionals can submit their research papers in...

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Curriculum Endorsements & Certifications

Apart from IMRTC USA certification curricula if any educational and professional...

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Memberships: Individual, Professional & Institutional

IMRTC Membership gives the individuals professional & International recognition for...

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Publications: Journals, Magazines & Books

Publish your research, articles, papers, essays, ideas in IMRTC publications on any...

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